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Leo Burnett's, Julia Sheehan & James Walker-Smith on evolving the HumanKind philosophy and making memorable work

Julia Sheehan, Melbourne GM and James Walker Smith, Sydney GM, sat down with Mumbrella to discuss the 88-year-old history of Leo Burnett and how they are continuing to evolve the agency's HumanKind philosophy, why it's a place people come to stay, and how the pursuit of creative excellence is firmly grounded in delivering great business results for clients.


"We’re proud that the awards we win are for some of our biggest clients. And we’re fortunate that these very clients have bought into our philosophy, and not only that, want to genuinely make a positive impact on their consumers for more than just the products they may sell or the services they offer,” said Sheehan.

“We try to bring humility, authenticity and fun to every day. We want to partner with clients, not sell them ideas. We want to make work that works, and winning awards is just the cherry on top,” said Walker-Smith

“The Groupe gives us the ability to scale and curate models bespoke to fit the client and the market...It means we can quickly and easily supplement our core skill set with deeper expertise and capabilities, adapting to different circumstances and requirements,” added Walker-Smith.

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