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Connection is at the core of our business at Publicis. We aim to ensure our people feel a sense of belonging in their work and agency ‘home’, that they feel safe and are able to build trust among the people they work with.

Having collaboration at its heart is how Publicis approaches problems, sparks creativity, and drives innovation. Being a leader at Publicis means believing that treating those around you with empathy, compassion and understanding creates an environment for everyone to thrive. 


Marcel is Publicis Groupe’s AI and machine learning-powered online platform that connects and empowers the company’s 98,000 employees in over 100 countries.

Marcel allows Publicis people to connect to a global Publicis community. It’s a platform to share inspiration, successes, crowdsource ideas, learnings and connect with colleagues globally.


Next Generation Board

Publicis’ Next Generation Board is a program where emerging leaders come together to help drive change and positively impact the business in local offices.

NGB members function as a sounding board and a challenging voice within the business. The Publicis Groupe Executive Leadership Team works closely with the NGB team, who are empowered to develop new ideas or solutions that promote progressive thinking, to effect real and lasting change within the organisation.

Viva la Différence


Viva La Différence! has long been the Publicis’ ethos around inclusion and diversity. This is driven by the genuine belief that when people feel respected, supported and valued, they are better enabled to be their genuine selves. 

Publicis is continually striving to create an inclusive environment, and this is reflected in its industry-leading additional paid leave entitlements and flexible public holidays.


Employee Resource Groups

There are a variety of employee-led groups across the Publicis network that join people together through common interests and backgrounds – helping to build an engaging and inclusive work environment.

These community groups are charged with educating and celebrating our differences to ensure diversity and inclusion is at the core of our organisational values and culture.


Community groups include:

Embrace is dedicated to our Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori people. It exists to recognise and educate employees on the experiences and history across ANZ, encouraging ongoing conversation and respect for culture. We aim to create meaningful partnerships with First Peoples communities, leading to an increased representation and through the work we deliver.

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Dedicated to our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) professionals and their allies. It exists to foster an inclusive culture that empowers our LGBTQ+ people, harnessing their specific skills and experiences to create and innovate world class solutions to grow our business.

Examples of Égalité's work include new starter LGTBQ+ awareness training, celebration and education around days of significance, such as IDAHOBIT and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and policy and procedure reform, including initiatives such as gender affirmation leave. 


VivaWomen! exists to inspire and empower women* to achieve their potential at Publicis Groupe. We do this by supporting & developing existing and future female employees through tailored training and connection opportunities, focusing on work that empowers gender equality and demonstrating our commitment to tackling societal issues to drive positive change. You can learn more about our gender pay gap results in 2022-2023 and what we're doing to close the gap here.

*by women, we mean all who identify as a woman (including cis, trans, intersex, non-binary or gender non-conforming individuals).


We exist to enABLE colleagues with a disability (visible and non-visible) to thrive within Publicis Groupe, and to attract, support and retain more disabled talent in the business.  We do this by championing the needs of colleagues with disabilities and promoting dialogue and action to foster a more disability confident culture. 

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Some of our DE&I memberships and partners include:

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