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Westpac - Spark Foundry and Performics


Westpac decided to refresh its brand to better engage with millennials and Gen Z via a bold new look with the new brand platform ‘helping in the moments that matter, both big and small’.

To announce this shift, Spark Foundry devised a differentiated media strategy focused on the concept of cognitive disfluency – i.e. by making someone work harder to understand something, they will understand it more deeply, retain the information and are more likely to act on it.

This could be done through media by appearing in unexpected places, and by varying the message often and looking surprisingly different. Calling this ‘Hardworking Hijack’, Westpac created cognitive disfluency through a combination of formats and messages that were striking (and sometimes unexpected), and upweighted during ‘money moments’ to drive stronger engagement.

‘Hardworking Hijack’ was brought to life through offline and digital channels, creating an integrated communications eco-system that would embrace, rather than struggle against, the fragmentation of the media landscape. Out of home (OOH) was key to the campaign.

Performics handled media planning and buying for the digital components of the campaign, with intent-based marketing core to planning and activating these.


Within two months of launch, the media campaign shifted consideration amongst the target audience by 9 ppts to 73%. Additional brand lift studies showed a further increase in consideration to 3ppts in May, 3ppts in app download intent, 3ppts in recommendation intent and 4ppts in brand favourability.

From an app perspective, the campaign exceeded download targets, achieving 81% customer migration within 30 days of the full app launch.

As well as success against the primary consideration metric, the campaign delivered a halo effect in boosting product sales, driving 8% of everyday banking and 5% mortgage applications, increasing Westpac customer base and contributing to the long-term goal of driving Main Financial Institution status for Westpac.

Performics' intent-based tactics collectively drove a significant increase in search intent (12%) which was effectively captured organically and through supported paid search activity.


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