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Master Blaster: Arnott's CMO Jenni Dill and Publicis Groupe CEO Mike Rebelo on a Grand Effie win

The Arnott's Group CMO Jenni Dill and Publicis Groupe CEO Michael Rebelo sat down with Mi3 recently to go behind the scenes of the Grand Effie winning ‘Little Moments’ master brand campaign.

Jenni shared how Publicis Groupe’s fully integrated creative and media model, the Power of One, allowed the brand to ‘get there faster on the iterative decisions’, driving the standout results that led to the top award win.

Jenni Dill, CMO of Arnott's Group said: “What we found was that the more you have those media and creative conversations together, it means that anything you're doing on the media side is impacting the creative side, and vice versa. You're making decisions with that one lens. So, you need great creative, and you need a great media plan to make the connection that you need with consumers. I don't know how to do it with just one or the other."

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