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Lexus Australia's first ever All Electric Lexus RZ - Team One Australia

Lexus Australia is introducing its first ever All Electric Lexus RZ450e with the launch of ‘The reason is ready’, a new integrated campaign by Publicis Team One.

Despite more than 30 electric vehicle models with 60 variants available in Australia, many Aussies are yet to take the leap into the EV market. These drivers are not cautious or lacking confidence, they just expect a certain standard and are unwilling to compromise. They’ve been waiting for the right EV to come along.

The campaign film follows the journey of a hero character as he makes decisions on where and when to turn in his pursuit of a spectacular electrical storm and the perfect photo opportunity. We track him while he experiences the luxury and driving performance of the all new Lexus RZ.

‘The reason is ready’ has launched this week and is now running nationally on broadcast television supported by OOH, print, social and across brand owned channels.

Lexus Australia Chief Executive Officer, John Pappas, says: “Our first-ever, all electric Lexus RZ450e sets a new standard in luxury performance. Sporting an enhanced spindle body and featuring a Tazuna cockpit that centres around you, the RZ has been designed for superior handling.

“Plus, with a complimentary home charger and installation courtesy of our Encore Platinum program – there is no reason to look any further.”

Patrick Rowe, CEO of Publicis Team One, says: “Introducing the first-ever all electric Lexus RZ is an absolute privilege. It is a vehicle that doesn’t fall short on style, craft, or substance, which is everything the Lexus RZ imbues.”

Publicis Team One Creative Director, Carlo Mazzarella, adds: “Our campaign was built on the insight that Lexus drivers are discerning enough not to compromise, especially when making the big shift to an electric vehicle. They need the right reason and with the RZ they’re ready.”

View Lexus Australia’s new campaign here.


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