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Davy Rennie, Digitas and Balance CEO, on the pull of The Power of One and what lies ahead

Davy Rennie, CEO of Digitas and Balance spoke to Mediaweek to discuss what drew him to Publicis Groupe, what his first impressions are, and what the future looks like for both agencies.


“We’re definitely set up for success, with collaboration being a foundation of our financial structure as well.

“There’s a lot of friendly faces in our client roster, which is really good. But this role is really giving me permission to play at a portfolio level and look at strengths in our digital services, our intelligence services, and our tech services"

“It’s really easy to see where the foundations for growth are for Digitas, with creative intelligence being something that we’ll invest quite heavily in over the next year, in terms of getting that offering right and much more refined and ready to play in the market.

“Actually getting to understand what Balance are, who they are, what legacy the previous leadership has left, and what capability they have has been unreal...They’re fantastic … genuinely a tech monster that’s just waiting to be unleashed.”

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